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Advanced Design

State-of-the-art engineering and design will inspire you to push yourself farther than ever before.



Studio riders can now use the same accurate performance metrics the pros use to reach fitness goals more quickly. Our console doesn’t just display a rider’s power output. It uses it. Running on power generated by riders, our display:

  • is highly accurate
  • is powered by a dynamo (keeping mercury batteries out of our landfills)
  • connects wirelessly (and seamlessly) to your technology via Bluetooth®
  • transfers workout data (ANT+™) to a standard USB drive

Power Meter 03.jpg


Riders control resistance in two ways for a truly custom experience. Small changes are made with the traditional resistance dial and large changes with SprintShift:

  • Fine-tune using a traditional (micro-adjust) resistance dial
  • Gradually shift up (and down) through intervals
  • Dump all resistance for maximum recovery after a tank-emptying effort
  • Emergency push-to-stop
  • Perfect for HIIT workouts


The most efficient indoor cycling drive train also delivers the most natural road feel. Carbon fiber belts provide a natural outdoor road feel precisely modulated with magnetic resistance to produce the smoothest cycling experience you are likely to have ever had.

Carbon fiber belts

Carbon fiber belts

Magnetic resistance

Magnetic resistance