Fitness and Well-being ~ it's a Lifestyle

Fitness and Well-being ~ it's a Lifestyle

My back ended up going out one day after work and my busy life came to a sudden halt. I completely ruptured my low back spinal discs and lost function in my left leg. I couldn’t walk for a month and since I was already laid up, I had surgery on my shoulder.

I went through a year long process of rehabilitation.

Welcome Level Up Lifestyle - Clothing And Accessories For Your Active Lifestyle

You asked so we’ve finally done it and we’re inviting you first!
We’re excited to launch a curated collection of clothing, accessories, cosmetics & personal care items perfect for you and your active lifestyle.

We’ve partnered with Level Up Lifestyle to bring you the brands you want including a great selection of active lifestyle clothing and accessories right where you workout, in the heart of downtown.

Now, in addition to all of our great classes you’ll find the perfect yoga outfit and gear, running and biking apparel, tennis skirts, and athleisure wear for those times you just want to kick back and feel good in your clothing.  And, we’re just getting started! You’ve inspired us to be your all-inclusive stop for all things active, performance and wellness and we’re creating a studio and boutique experience that’s certain to guarantee that you’ll look amazing wherever you go.

And don’t worry guys, we’ve got apparel for you too!  

All the products you’ll find inside are unique, high quality, and focused on your active lifestyle. Level Up Lifestyle will add new items often, so there will always be something new to find.

Here are just a few of the brands you’ll see:
Sweat Cosmetics
High Endurance Cosmetics
And so many more!

Feel free to stop by and say hi as we work to update the new retail space located in the front area of UpCycle, but DON’T MISS the opportunity to shop our First Thursday Launch Party Event! 

First Thursday Launch Party April 5th 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Copy of Grand Opening Of Level Up Lifestyle Clothing Inside UpCycle(1).png

Have some First Thursday Fun & Join us For Special Discounts And Clothing Giveaways
Join us on First Thursday, April 5th for the Level Up Lifestyle Boutique launch from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Enjoy special pricing with one-time only discounts, clothing giveaways, wine, kombucha, snacks and more.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!
We’re extremely excited about this partnership and to be able to bring you what you’ve been asking us for, the clothes and accessories that fit your active lifestyle.

See you Thursday!

Becca's Balance


As a college student with a passion for exercise, a full-time class schedule and a terrible, terrible spending problem, it can be really difficult to balance school, work and fitness. However, through high school and my first year at Boise State, I’ve found certain methods that help me keep organized and on top of my responsibilities.


First and foremost, I designate Sundays as my “productivity day” for the week. I usually work on Sunday mornings so I’m already awake and ready for the day by about 8 a.m. which (thankfully) prevents me from sleeping until noon. After work, I run to Trader Joe’s and pick up my groceries for the week. Shopping every week might seem kind of excessive, but it actually prevents me from buying a copious amount of food that’ll end up moldy or uneaten. I also try to meal prep every Sunday so I can actually take my time to make healthy and nutritious meals.

While my veggies are roasting and dinner cooking in the crockpot, I’m always studying and catching up on homework. Even though my workload can be overwhelming, I am so beyond happy to be studying kinesiology at Boise State. I’m able to learn about something that I am so incredibly interested in and passionate about: the human body and fitness.

Working at UpCycle has given me the opportunity to balance work, +school and fitness all in one studio—literally. It’s variety of classes have allowed me to stay in shape all
while learning exercise methods and techniques that I could apply to my future career. I’ve already learned so much from the instructors and my co-workers—I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Alongside my awesome job and designated Sundays, I’ve also found that following fitness bloggers, planning out my weeks day by day in a planner, and using Pinterest to its fullest potential have helped me stay organized, motivated and balanced both physically and mentally.

Favorite fitness blogs: