Winter Training at UpCycle Pays Off!


Lactic Acid Cycling Group rode with us every Thursday during the winter of 2017. Linda, the president of the group, submitted this post after a successful season. 

I spend a fair amount of time in the saddle of my road bike each year. You see, I’m the president of Lactic Acid Cycling and we have a very active group with three to four rides a week during nicer weather. We start our weeknight rides in March or April, depending on what kind of spring Mother Nature decides to dish out, and ride until the end of September when we lose our fight with the daylight. And even though the diehards in the club continue the Saturday morning ride year around as long as there’s not snow or ice on the roads (you can imagine how that worked out for them during last year’s Snowpocalypse), I’m a fair weather rider. My bike gets hung up on its rack until the sun and warmer temperatures return.


Lactic is much more than a cycling group – we’re also very social. A lot of our rides include eating and drinking afterwards and I consider many of our club members friends. Friends I don’t end up seeing much through the winter months. 

Pal and UpCycle spin bike instructor, Judi Brawer, introduced me to Allen and UpCycle last fall. He was brimming with plans, ideas and enthusiasm. It was an excitement that was easily contagious. I was compelled to get Lactic involved. 

The club started riding at UpCycle on Thursday nights shortly after they opened in January of 2017. Club members appreciated the premium quality of the Stages spin bikes, the modern facilities and the friendly competition that the on-screen Fitmetrix tracking fostered. We loved that we had a place to ride hard before heading to one of the nearby restaurants in BoDo to refuel.

Those first rides in the spring can be a bit painful after a few months off the bike but this year it was a different story. Those that had been spinning definitely noticed the difference in starting the season with the base that came from riding at UpCycle. Plus there was the added bonus of getting to see, and ride with, my Lactic friends all winter long. 


Thanks UpCycle! Can’t wait to ride again with you in the fall!