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Ride UP, Build Boise: A Karma Ride for Global Talent Idaho

  • UpCycle 380 South 8th Street Boise, ID, 83702 United States (map)

We love our community, so we're giving back with our new program: Ride UP Build Boise. Every month we'll choose a new non-profit organization to support. How do we support them? With Karma Rides every Friday at 5:30 pm! The cost is $20, of which $10 will be donated to that month's non-profit. First up in February: Global Talent Idaho.

Global Talent Idaho is a workforce development program that helps skilled, professional refugees and immigrants navigate the U.S. job market and find roles related to their former careers, experience and education. Over 20% of these newcomers have a bachelor’s degree or higher and had well-established careers in their countries - doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, HR and IT professionals, accountants... They dream of returning to these careers, supporting their families and giving back the Idaho communities that have welcomed them.

Imagine trying to find a job to support your family in a new country and a new language having never written a U.S.-style resume or cover letter, filled out an online job application, or experienced an intense job interview. Global Talent Idaho helps job seekers overcome these obstacles with career counseling, online and 1:1 training, cultural orientation, and opportunities for mentoring, networking, internships and on-the-job trainings that furnish direct connections with local employers looking for skilled, experienced international talent.

A Global Talent Idaho representative will be available for questions

Let's do this, UPCyclers! Sweat good. Do good. Feel good.