It takes chutzpah to start a business. Boundless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism are required. More than anything, though, is a need to change the world.


Christine Maldonado

Christine has a friend, Anna. Christine likes indoor cycling, but with a raging soundtrack.

Allen Traylor

Allen has a friend, Anna. Allen likes cycling, but hates indoor training.

Anna says, “Allen and Christine should meet." So they do.



Allen Traylor provides strategic and operational leadership for business development to Total Child Health, Inc. Previously, Allen worked at The Office of the National Coordinator providing strategic policy planning for the EHR Incentive Program and outreach and coordination in support of federal grantees. In addition to starting a handful of his own companies, Allen has spent time consulting on various healthcare projects including India’s first emergency response system, supporting local health commissioners, as a patient advocate along with consulting for various small companies. Allen started his career in healthcare at Healthwise where he helped clients integrate patient educational material and resources into EHRs, PHR, and web portals. Allen received his M.P.H. and M.B.A. from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Carey Business School.


As a behavior change specialist at Healthwise, a nonprofit organization, she works to weave evidence-based behavior change approaches into their patient education. She gets that most people want to be healthy, they just are faced with the obstacle of life. When designing strategies to help people reach their health goals, she considers and applies principles from clinical and health psychology, behavioral economics, and cognitive biases literature to help people make it easy to choose the things that will make them healthier and happier. Clinically, she has deep training in cognitive behavioral and motivational interviewing approaches. As an instructor, she makes use of principles from sports psychology, helping you to set your intention for your ride, visualize the person you are becoming, and leave feeling uplifted, accomplished and confident.