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Ride Ready is an exciting new program for mountain bikers, road cyclists or triathletes who want to improve their on-the-road fitness.

Training through the winter can be a true challenge. The days are short, the weather is nasty, and the roads are slippery and clogged with dirt and debris. It can tough to get the quality and the volume of training you need to hit the ground running (or rolling as it were) in the spring. Riding a stationary trainer can be soul-sucking and demoralizing, and most indoor spin classes don’t offer the kinds of workouts that lead to benefits on the road.


That’s where the Ride Ready indoor training program from UpCycle comes in. We’re offering a 3-month indoor training program designed specifically to give you the edge for the 2018 riding season. Come ride in our state-of the art cycling studio Whether you’re a competitive road racer, a serious mountain biker, or just enjoy going on group-rides with your friends, the “Ride Ready” program will focus on the skills and abilities you need to perform better. Designed by Sam Johnson, a former professional cyclist on Idaho’s very own Team Exergy cycling team, the “Road Ready” program will focus specifically on raising your lactate threshold, as well as pedaling technique, and mental toughness -- all of which will translate to your best season ever on the bike.


The Ride Ready program offers:

  • A personal coaching consultation with Sam to discuss your 2018 season. Sam will help you create a training plan to help you achieve your specific goals.

  • Access to add-on studio sessions so you can extend your workouts.

  • A new class aimed specifically at cyclists on Wednesdays from 5:45 - 7:00 pm.

  • FTP testing at the beginning of the program to establish your training zones, and again at the end to measure your progress.

  • Membership to the Ride Ready Facebook group where you’ll find training tips, motivation, and workout updates.

To learn more or to sign up, please email us at:

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About the coach:

Sam Johnson has a 25-year history in endurance sports. He’s been a competitive swimmer, runner, triathlete, and he’s been a cat-1 or UCI-registered professional cyclist since 2006. Throughout his cycling career Sam won over 50 races in the Pro-1/2 field. He’s competed in nearly every iconic bicycle race on American soil, and had the “pleasure” of lining up against Tour de France winners, Olympic medalists, and world champions of the sport.  

Sam started coaching in 2010, and has since helped a diverse range of athletes achieve their goals, both men and women, from teenage cyclocross racers, to 40-something recreational triathletes. Sam’s approach to coaching involves more than just prescribing workouts -- he helps athletes improving their technique, increase their mental toughness, and nurture their underlying motivation for their sport.