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We are group that loves to ride! Whether it’s in the middle of winter at a cyclocross national, in the heat of the summer on the road, or cruising the foothill trails; you’ll see us out there with big ol' smiles on our faces.

This is our 6th year as a team, our goal being to help individuals pursue and enjoy their passion of competitive cycling while contributing to the local race scene via event promotion.

Team UpCycle (Women)

We are a small but motivated group of high-level cyclists who are excited to represent UpCycle as we compete at local and regional bike races. Our main goal is to lead by example--we want to demonstrate that cycling is a fun sport that's accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability. We hope to promote fitness and safety on the road, along with teamwork in the races--don't be surprised when we dominate the local road racing scene!

Lactic Acid Cycling supports participation in recreational cycling through our organized rides, cycling event participation, and charitable activities. LAC promotes riding behavior that is safe, law abiding, and nurturing to all participants while also providing social opportunities that help build our Boise community.