• See your performance history (heart rate, calories, watts, points, etc.)
  • View your past workouts (inside the studio or outdoors)
  • Receive an end-of-class summary email
  • Collect reward points
  • Share your results on social media
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Challenges can be based on points earned, weight loss, calories burned and number of visits

  • Watch your performance during class
  • Compete with friends
  • Participate in club challenges
  • Run sprints
  • Enjoy a party ride 

You can create your own challenges and metrics for winning.

Performance can be based on real-time watts, RPM, calories burned, etc.


  • Create your own class challenges (to compete with friends and foes alike)
  • View the schedule and book classes
  • Reserve a specific bike
  • See upcoming challenges
  • Opt into the leaderboard